Fitness Center Tip of the Day: Water is a life essential

We know that all of us should drink plenty of water.  But how much is enough?  The 8 x 8 rule or 8 glasses,  8 times a day is an easy rule to remember. Keep in  mind that all fluids count in your daily consumptions of  8 glasses of liquid.  However, this rule is not supported by scientific evidence.  The Institute of Medicine suggests about 13 cups of fluid intake for men and about 9 cups for women. Your fluid intake is probably adequate if the color of your urine is almost colorless or only slightly yellow.

Remember that every bodily system is dependent on water. It is easy to get dehydrated, especially in the summer heat. Since water is approximately 60 percent of your body weight, it is vital to consume enough fluids. Even mild dehydration can make you feel tired and less efficient in your daily tasks.

What about your water needs when working out this summer? Come talk to a Professional Fitness Instructor at the Fitness Center about your fitness program as well as your fluid needs during exercise. Go to

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