Fitness Center Health Tip: Feel good through volunteerism

Volunteerism has a positive and significant impact on our communities. but did you know that volunteering improves your health?

According to the Health Benefits of Volunteering, more than 30 well-documented studies demonstrate that volunteers benefit from not only mental health but physical health as well! Volunteers have a tendency to live longer, have lower rates of depression and experience a reduction in heart disease.  For more information, please go

Are you looking for a job?

Volunteerism offers additional benefits for those looking for a job or for those who are currently in the job market.  Take a look at these positive and encouraging research results by Time Bank through Reed Executive. These statistics were the result of feedback from 200 of the UK’s leading businesses”

  • 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without.
  • 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills.
  • 94% of employees who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted.

Many of the PVCC Fitness Center members volunteer on a weekly basis in hospitals, at food banks, in churches, etc.  They offer meaningful services for the benefit of others. Anyone can volunteer. Simply make a decision and make a commitment!

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