Master Ceramic Artists To Visit PVCC


Lucy Mora and her husband Lorenzo Bugarini, ceramic artists from the internationally known pottery village in northern Mexico, Mata Ortiz, will demonstrate their beautiful handmade pottery techniques at Paradise Valley Community College 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, in M142 (Art Studio). This event is free and open to the public. Many finished potter pieces will be available for purchase.

These master ceramic artists have been making pottery for over 20 years and their work is in collections across the U.S. On Wednesday they will demonstrate the entire process of making a pot by hand, polishing the surface of the pot with a stone, and painting an intricate design on the pot with a human hair brush.

The potters of Mata Ortiz are inspired by the art of the ancient Paquime Indians, who lived near Mata Ortiz many years ago. Mata Ortiz  is a village barely three streets wide and is home of Juan Quezada, the self-taught originator of Mata Ortiz pottery, and his young followers. While it is rooted in a thousand-year tradition, the potters of Mata Ortiz are still free and spontaneous – a result of a blending cultural expression, economic need and artistic desire.

Lucy and Lorenzo dig the clay from near their home in Mata Ortiz, refine it, and make forms that are rotund and full of energy. Lorenzo sands the clay pot when dry and burnishes the surface until it shines like a mirror. Then Lucy uses brushes she makes herself from the hair from one of her two young daughters to paint intricate designs of birds, fish and insects all over the surface. Lorenzo fires the pottery in a sophisticated version of a campfire that hardens the clay and changes it to ceramic.