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Core Values

Learning is the core value of Paradise Valley Community College. PVCC encourages and supports learning at three levels — student, employee and organizational — and the integrative relationship between the three levels. Learning at Paradise Valley Community College means increasing the capacity of our students, our employees and the college itself, to achieve their goals. PVCC acknowledges organizational learning as a means to continuously improve our college.

Supporting Values



We value inclusiveness and respect each other’s viewpoints and ideas. We value individual diversity and the uniqueness of the individual. We acknowledge that diversity, in all its forms, enriches our learning environment. PVCC promotes the free exchange of ideas and opinions and the fair and equitable treatment of all.



We value and support innovation. We encourage informed risk-taking that holds the promise of enhancing student, employee and organizational learning. We view a good faith unsuccessful attempt not as failure, but rather as a rich opportunity to learn.



We value the collective wisdom that emerges when individuals work together to solve problems and create opportunities. We believe that in most instances all of us working together is better than one of us working alone. We are committed to establishing and sustaining positive education, business and community partnerships.



We value excellence in all that we do. We are committed to high academic standards. We support excellence in teaching and in the learning and support systems that advance student success. We expect professionalism in every aspect of our work. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our college.



We value integrity, trustworthiness and ethical behavior in all that we do. We are committed to truthfulness, fairness and honesty in our internal and external relationships, communications and transactions. We continuously strive to provide objective and balanced assessments of the issues pertaining to our college. We value open, transparent and democratic decision-making.


We value communication in all forms, across all levels of the organization, and in all interactions with our constituents. We acknowledge that accurate, clear, concise, respectful and transparent communication is fundamental to enhancing relationships, developing shared understanding and assuring the long-term success of our college.We value empathic listening as a core element in all effective communications.


We value leadership at all levels of the organization. We acknowledge that all employees are responsible for continuously providing effective leadership within the context of individual roles and responsibilities. We encourage every college leader to demonstrate vision, to think systemically and to act courageously when engaged in decision-making. We affirm that effective, collaborative and informed leadership of the college is essential to our long-term success.



We value civility in our oral and written word, as well as in our interactions with students, one another and with our constituents. We value each person’s special contributions to our students, colleagues, constituents and to the college.



We value the full-range of resources – human, fiscal, capital and technology – that have been entrusted to us by the citizens of the state, county and cities we serve. We acknowledge our collective responsibility to serve as effective stewards of all resources at all times. We affirm our commitment to being accountable for the fulfillment of all duties and professional obligations associated with our positions.